Alıcı Danışmanlığı

Buyer Consulting

As REMAX ASTYLE, protecting our customers' interests is our top priority. In the consultancy of the buyer, our client...

Satıcı Danışmanlığı

Seller Consulting

We see the satisfaction, profit and profitability of our customers as the biggest indicator of our success. Sell ​​your property...

Proje Geliştirme

Project Development

In every project in the construction sector, many parties such as the owner, contractors, public institutions come together and the project preparation of these parties...



Opportunity to Live the Life You Desire

Everyone has dreams… Well, how many people can achieve these dreams, how many people prefer an ordinary life? If you have big dreams and the determination to do what it takes to achieve them, let's meet right away.

Successful Career, High Reputation

Your success is our success… You can be sure that we will provide you with all the training and support you need, and that we will be your biggest helper in your career journey that you will progress rapidly. As long as you are ready to work with passion and discipline until you reach the goal you set for yourself.

Modern, Convenient and Prestigious Working Environment

Our office has been completely designed so that our real estate consultants can work efficiently and host their clients in a prestigious way. If you want to work in a real estate office that will increase your motivation, make your working life easier and add value to your life, join us!

Kordon Güzelyalı Evleri 163 m² İş Yeri

İş ortağımız Gayrimenkul Danışmanı Eray Aktay, Kordon Güzelyalı Evlerindeki 163 m² iş yerinin kiralama işlemlerini hızlı ve başarılı bir şekilde tamamladı.

4. Levent’te 1+1, 52 m² Daire

İş ortağımız Selami İnce; 4. Levent'teki 1+1, 52 m² dairenin satış işlemlerini sorunsuz bir şekilde, başarıyla tamamladı.

Kartal’da 3+1, 135 m² Daire

İş ortağımız Gayrimenkul Danışmanı Eray Aktay; Kartal’daki 3+1, 135 m² dairenin satışını hızla ve değerinde gerçekleştirdi.



Hasan Nizamoğlu

Fer Mas Oto Ferrari & Maserati

Şenol Kaya